Top 4 Reasons Why the Fall is a Great Time for Sellers to Put Their House on the Market

Can’t afford to wait until the Spring to put your house on the market? No worries. While the Spring market is the traditional home selling season, homeowners can benefit from putting their house on the market in the Fall. Here are 4 top reasons why the Fall is an excellent time to list your home for sale:
  1. There is less inventory on the market in the Fall compared to the Spring. What does this mean for home sellers? It gives sellers the opportunity to “stand-out” in the market with less competition.
  1. The Internet makes it easy for potential buyers to go “house shopping” 365 days of the year. If there is a great house on the market with a great price, buyers will be motivated to see it even if it is not the traditional Spring housing market.
  1. Circumstances that prompt buyers to look for a home are not linked to what season it is. Changes in employment, marital status, and financial needs are just some of the reasons why buyers may look for a new home during the Fall. And for many buyers, they just want to be moved into their new home in time for the winter holidays.
  1. With fewer homes on the market in the Fall, serious buyers who may have lost their “dream” home in the Spring competitive market, recognize the importance of a strong offer. For sellers, this is good news. Sellers can get top dollar during the Fall. They just need to remember professional homestaging and “strategic” pricing!
So if you are considering placing your home on the market and not sure if the time is right, simply contact your Real Estate Agent. The Fall just might be your right time for showcasing your home for sale. For more information, contact Suzy Minken, Your Win Win Real Estate Agent at [email protected].

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